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Karen Ingrid Schultz, a Danish sociologist has since 2002 participated in building up the Plants and Health Organisation in Aduku, Apac , Uganda. Now the aim is to expand the PHP centre to a place where international guests can stay and enjoy the hospitality of the local population. The vision is that it becomes a two way proces where the guests also brings information from the world to the local population.

KarenIngrid Schultz is also a lecturer in conflict mediation and that has been one of her contributions to the development of Plant and Health.

Lectures on the experiences from the cooperation with the population in Apac District will be offered on demand.

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The Plants and Health centre


The nature around the Nile in Uganda is rich in natural resources in forms of plants for food and health. That is what is explored by the members of Plants and Health in the area North of Lake Kwania and Lake Kyoga in Uganda.

The Plants and Health centre in Aduku is open for visitors. Tour on foot or bicycle can be arranged with nights in the villages.

Meet men and women struggling to improve health and wellbeing by their own resources. Hear about their experiences in working together men and women, and exchanging knowledge between clans and villages.

Contribute to the cultural exchange by arranging workshops, seminars or cultural event for the local population curious for meeting foreigners.






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Karen Ingrid Schultz acts as guide

on prearranged group tours.


Tour number 2 is now planned with Dansk Vandrelaug, Roskilde Branch.

-The tour starts with minibus from the capital Kampala to the source of the Nile in Lake Victoria. From here to the plain and swamps in the North with its sculpturel trees and birds.


Arrived to the North we walk to the settlements. Traditional healers join us telling about their use of the plants. We eat the local food using a number of green leaves, sesame groundnuts, sweet potatoes and kassava.


Overnight stays at the centre in Aduku and in huts built by clay and straw. Meetings with local community activists.


Safari to Muchinson National park in the last days before returning to Kampala where we will spend an evening with a theater group working with Forum Theater as a tool for learning and action.

Family hotel in Kampala and Jinja


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Nature and Population around the Victoria Nile II, Januar 24th.-February 8th. 2012


16 days -19.500 kr 8 days with hiking - 6-17 km. daily (choice between shorter and longer distances).

Added to the generel programme are:

  • -Walk to see local use of clay for traditonal building and as something new: wood saving stoves
  • - Walk to forest conservation area
  • - Visit to traditional healer to see her methods
  • -Walk in agricultural area to see local blacksmith work and beehives


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